About Us

We are located in Greensborough and offer a friendly and efficent service to our individual and small business clients.
The prinicpal of our firm Matthew Foster commenced the business in 1992 and it has grown appreciable since that time.The business was a part time operation until he left his employment in the trustee industry in 2005 to devote his time to what he enjoyed most.
Matthew obtained his accounting degree in 1986 and he has spent three years with the Taxation Office and was principally involved with
providing advice on Capital Gains Tax followed by 2 years at Ernst & Young (then Ernst & Whinney) and spent two years there learning the complexities of Company taxation. He also provide technical advice on a wide range of issues.
In 2000 he moved to a Trustee Company and developed a tremendous reputation for quality and personal service. He was involved with the taxation administration of Deceased Estates.
Now that he has devoted his time to his own firm the knowledge and experience established over the years has proved ideal in his deliberations with his client base.

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